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Who we are

We are Landsec.
Our brand is our reputation.
We express our brand through our purpose and our values.

These are the principles that shape us.

This page is a guide to how we use them in our communications, depending on the channel and audience.

  1. Our purpose
  2. Our descriptor
  3. Our narrative
  4. Our values

Sustainable places.
Connecting communities.
Realising potential.

This is our purpose

It’s our reason to exist and we use it as our guide. It can also act as our brand-line if needed.

More about our purpose

We live by these principles to create great experiences for people, now and in the future.

This is our descriptor

It provides a framework for our purpose. We can use this on social media and online when we need to create a bit more context.

We create places that make a lasting positive contribution to our communities and our planet. We bring people together, forming connections with each other and the spaces we create. And we provide our customers, partners and people with a platform to realise their full potential.

This is our narrative

It says who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

For use on:

  • Corporate collateral: annual reports, publications
  • Asset collateral: brochures, sales and tenant info
  • Job descriptions and onboarding and recruitment material
  • Corporate videos and other dynamic media

Our values inform our brand personality. They’re who we are and explain how we act and behave. They’re an essential part of our tone of voice and should be at the forefront of any decisions and actions we take.

Our values


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