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These rules contribute just as much to how we communicate as our tone of voice principles. They’re just less flexible.

Tone of voice
Rules overview

Our Landsec tone of voice rules ensure consistency across all our communications.

  1. We use contractions when possible
  2. We create compelling headlines
  3. When and how to use our name
  4. Using the word experience in communications

Rule 1We use contractions when possible

Contractions make our writing friendly and accessible. We’re talking directly to our audience and want to reflect how people speak day to day.

A new way to study
Access to experience
Tomorrow’s talent

Examples for a piece on a new Training Academy

Wellbeing at work
Building for brain power
Taking care of talent

Examples for a piece on a new workplace wellness initiative

Rule 2We create compelling headlines

Use headlines to create interest and attract attention. Keep them short, smart and positive. Bring in the benefits we have created whenever possible. And when you’re writing longer copy, break up text with subheads so the audience can easily scan.

Rule 3When and how to use our name

We avoid plural, meaning we can use ‘we’ and ‘our’ instead of the more formal repetition of our name in long copy text. The use of the more familiar ‘we’ and ‘our’ has a more positive effect on tone, composition and readability.

We are aware that the rule of using Landsec and never Landsecs is something we can only control when we write about ourselves but not when other people write about us.

It's always
never Landsecs
or Landsec’s

  1. Don’t use it so often it becomes a cliché
  2. Don’t use experience in a pun or a joke
  3. Think of other words to explain the experience
  4. Don’t use it to sign off your narrative
  5. Don’t use it more than once in a paragraph

Rule 4Using the word experience in our communications

We believe great places are for people to experience and are made with the experience of great people. But we don’t want to overuse the word experience. It’s not a go to word for everything. Instead, talk about benefits, value and delivery.

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