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We consider the impact of our words, how they represent our brand and the best way to deliver our message.

Principles overview

Our words – spoken or written – should reflect our brand personality and be clear and easy to understand. Just like we’re speaking directly to another person. Use these principles as a reference point for how we sound, a guide rather than a set of rules.

  1. Use the active voice
  2. Be careful with jargon
  3. Don’t change our tone for different audiences
  4. Use language that’s easy to understand
  5. Write with emotion to connect with people
  6. Bring in the benefits

Principle 1Use the active voice

We speak in the active voice because it helps us explain all the great things we’re doing. We don’t do dull. Active words and adjectives add personality, and bring life to the story, so use them across all platforms.

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Investor and consumer appropriate animation

Principle 2Be careful with jargon

Be careful to limit your use of industry buzzwords, jargon and technical terms. We realise there are instances where some words are more appropriate than others. After all, jargon is only jargon when it’s not relevant to the audience.

Principle 3Don’t change our tone for different audiences

We have many different audiences and communication platforms at Landsec but that doesn’t mean we should change our tone of voice for each one. We are Landsec and we’re confident in everything we do.


We create sustainable places that make a lasting positive contribution to our communities and our planet.


We have clear and stretching commitments and we’re working hard to embed sustainability across the business.


Our sustainability leadership is recognised as important to our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. We’re proud to lead the industry in this area and see it as a source of strength for the business going forward.

Principle 4Use language that's easy to understand

We don’t waste words. We say what’s needed in a meaningful way. If your sentences are longer than 25 words, break them up or condense them. If you can’t, make sure they’re in plain English. Avoid using puns or colloquial language.

Principle 5Write with emotion to connect with people

We use emotion and personality to engage our audiences so they feel involved in everything we do. Everything we do is about people and their experience. So we write in a personal, descriptive way.


Our diverse mix of people, skills and thought means we continually challenge established ways of working. We strive to ensure everyone’s career experience with us is enjoyable, inspiring and exciting.


We draw upon the expertise, knowledge and varied backgrounds of our management to create the very best experiences for our customers, communities, partners and employees. By getting that right we’re able to create long-term value for our shareholders.

Principle 6Bring in the benefits

What are we enabling others to experience or do? Talking about the benefits puts our work, people and experience into context and makes it relatable. Not everything has to be experience, but as enablers we should bring the benefits to life.

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