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We can create programme and initiative identities using the main Landsec brand as the basis.

The majority of our communications should come from the main Landsec parent brand. However, there will be instances when we want to create a new identity for specific communications. These identities all use the main Landsec logo and brand assets as their basis.

Initiative or programme identities can have a version of the main brand, but only create them when they support and benefit our main brand, and its strategy.

We don’t create sub-brands

Our programme and initiative identities are tools to motivate and initiate activities or procedures both internally and externally. Don’t use them to represent divisions or departments in our business.

Initiative identities are:

Art Foundation
Mentoring Programme
Schools Programme
Training Academy
People into action

Initiative identities are not:

Retail Portfolio
London Portfolio
Investor relations

Naming Examples

Art Foundation Landsec Art
Mentoring Programme Landsec Mentoring
Schools Programme Landsec Schools
Trainee Academy Landsec Academy
People into action Landsec Awards
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Programme and initiative identities should be designed with the Landsec logo as their basis. They should be seen as an extension of it and are based on the same base grid structure.

The template is available as an artworked asset ready for you to use. Always use this template to base the development of an identity on, to ensure the correct proportions of all elements.

Please contact The Brand Team to access programme and initiative identities template

Programme and initiative identities
Programme and initiative identities
Landsec guidelines logo and initiatives


The name should sit directly beneath the cornerstone. The position of its baseline should be twice the height of the cornerstone’s base.

Each word of the name should sit on a separate line, to limit the horizontal size of the logo.

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Creating icons

Each programme and initiative identity should use a single shape or icon. It should follow the same guidance applicable to all other brand icons.

Each unique programme and initiative identity icon is restricted to the light grey area shown below. This should be maintained to ensure distinction and visual clarity from the cornerstone.

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Landsec icons for initiatives and programmes

Using colour

Each identity must have a consistent colour palette associated with it throughout its use. The chosen colour palette should be directly related to the subject, or nature of the application if possible.

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