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Our purpose has three distinct pillars which drive our business.

This page explains each pillar’s impact and how we should talk about them.

  1. Sustainable Places
  2. Connecting Communities
  3. Realising Potential

Pillar 1 Sustainable Places

We create sustainable places that make a lasting positive contribution to our communities and our planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of all that we do. By harnessing our experience we set new standards for sustainability, creating cleaner, greener places for everyone to enjoy.

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We connect by listening to the people whose communities we are part of, learning from their lived experiences to create places with a sense of belonging and that stimulate connection.

Pillar 2 Connecting Communities

We bring people together, forming connections with each other and the spaces we create.

Landsec illustration guidelines of people in a park

Pillar 3 Realising Potential

We provide our customers, partners and people with a platform to realise their full potential.

We see future potential in every person and project. We invest in people to grow their experience and we transform sites and assets, creating new and exciting places for people to experience.

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