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We are Landsec.
Our name acknowledges our heritage and places us in an ownable and contemporary space.


we're Landsec

Why Landsec?

Our name is a unique word that we can own. It’s part of our logo and it’s ours to shape meaning into by creating great experiences for people, now and in the future.

Whilst there are different versions of our name in common usage, we can always be consistent when we're in charge of the communications.

Landsec - noun or adjective?

The truth is it can live as both. Landsec is a noun we can also use as an adjective when describing ourselves or part of the business. Also know as an attributive noun (because it provides more information about the noun), it is ok to write 'the Landsec portfolio', or 'the Landsec building'.

A noun is a person, place or a thing. E.g. The company in question is Landsec. An adjective is a describing word. E.g. The Landsec portfolio.

It is ok to say:The Landsec portfolio

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