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Our icons are unique to our brand and help maintain our unique aesthetic.

We’ve created a starter set of icons for the brand in this section. Use the icon and grid asset and common shapes to create new ones whilst maintaining our brand style.

All our icons are clear and self-explanatory. If you need to label or describe your icon for it to be understood, then it’s not working.

When to use

Icons are a form of universal language that should be understood without the use of words. When you are using or creating a new icon, think about where your icon will appear and what context it will be seen in, as these factors will contribute to its legibility.

Grid proportions

The grid to the side is the icon grid. It’s the same as the grid we use for Landsec programme identities. You can change the size of the icon grid if you need to, but the proportions and number of divisions of the grid must always remain the same.


Take care to make your icons as simple as possible. Avoid decoration and embellishment to find the simplest execution.

 Landsec grid
Landsec brand icons

Icon shapes

There are six basic icon shapes available for use with the icon grid. Use them all with the different scale and proportions, but the same basic shape must be maintained.

You can combine, repeat and overlay the shapes to create an icon.

Please contact The Brand Team to access the icon grids

Landsec brand icons

Line shapes

When you’re working with the line shapes you can do all the things listed on this page.

Straight line

  • Use vertical or horizontal
  • Make longer or shorter

Curved line

  • Small or large circumference
  • Make longer
  • Break at 90 ̊

Diagonal line

  • Use opposing or matching ends
  • Rotate in 90 ̊
  • Make longer or shorter

Solid shapes

When you’re working with the solid shapes you can do all the things listed on this page.


  • Make smaller or bigger
  • Use any half or quarter


  • Make smaller or bigger
  • Make rectangle
  • Rotate 90 ̊


  • Make smaller or bigger
  • Rotate 90 ̊
  • Rotate 45 ̊
Landsec icon shape rules

Constructing icons

Take care to balance your icon with other existing brand icons. Even though many of our icons will not be seen together, we want them to feel like they are part of a family. The way we use the shapes will help balance any new icons created, but there will always be an element of judgment needed from the creator.

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