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Our cornerstone is one of our strongest brand elements. We need to use it creatively and appropriately to bring us brand recognition.

Landsec cornerstone


The cornerstone gives us huge potential. This section explores how we can use its simple shape to define us. We want the cornerstone to evolve with the business, developing and changing as we do.

Use of the cornerstone never replaces the Landsec logo. The Landsec logo must always appear appropriately on or within all Landsec communications.

The cornerstone can be used independently of the logotype as a separate element. It can be used in many ways and has a great degree of flexibility.

Brand equity

Our cornerstone combines elements of both of our previous cornerstones, creating a strong, modern shape.

Post cornerstones Post cornerstones Post cornerstones Post cornerstones
Old Land Securities logo and cornerstone pre 2007

Pre 2007

The cornerstones are used subtly to construct an abstract L and S.

2007 Land Securities cornerstone and logo

Post 2007

The cornerstone L’s work to frame and highlight our name.

Visual integrity

We have some simple restrictions in place to keep the cornerstone shape intact and recognisable.

Never play with outlines, angle, or horizontal/vertical planes, to ensure it keeps its structural and visual integrity.

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Vertical plane
Horizontal plane


  • A Don’t point with it, it’s not an arrow
  • B Don’t rotate it
  • C Don’t adjust its shape or angles
  • D Don’t overlay it on top of itself
Don’t point with it, it’s not an arrow
Don’t rotate it
Don’t adjust its shape or angles
Don’t overlay it on top of itself

The cornerstone colour

The cornerstone can appear in our primary palette of black and white or any colour following our open colour palette. There are no contrast restrictions, you can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

More about colour
The Landsec cornerstone colour palette


Create patterns with the cornerstone. Use multiple versions of them as backgrounds or statement graphics. Use colour and be as subtle or bold as you like.

The Landsec cornerstone in patterns

The cornerstone in 3D

The cornerstone can be visualised and physically manifested in 3D. We can take the cornerstone into the real world of experiences, people and places.

3D proportions

The width of the 3D cornerstone is determined by the width of its column A.

The cornerstone 3D position

Using the cornerstone in 3D means we need to think carefully about its position. Ideally we will retain a view of the primary surface along the horizontal and vertical planes visually matching the 2D version. There will be times, especially when the cornerstone is positioned in the physical environment, when it will be able to be viewed from all sides and perspectives. In this case the cornerstone should be positioned with the primary surface in the most frequently viewed position.

The Landsec cornerstone in 3d
The Landsec cornerstone in 3D

3D materials

The cornerstone can appear in primary black and white or any colour following our open colour palette. It can also be created from materials such as stone, fabric, glass and wood. It can be constructed from scaffolding, lights or even negative space in an environment. Use your imagination, think about the experience, its location and what it represents.

The potential of the cornerstone

The cornerstone has huge possibilities. The next section suggests the way that we can harness these as our brand’s profile grows.

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