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We use colour to bring everything to life, across all media and applications.

An open palette

Our open palette allows our brand to continually adapt and add context.

We select our colours by picking them directly, being inspired by photography, illustration, our assets and their brands - or from a theme.

How we use colour is a reflection of how we think as a brand: providing the right experience in the right application.

Lady with headscarf in Landsec building Illustration of St Pauls from One New Change Curved colours, blue sky,

We don’t just use colour as a background to our logo. Our open palette allows us to pick the right colours for the right application.

Our inspiration comes from many places, including:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Existing asset brands
  • Materials used in a development
  • The theme of the event e.g. summer

Primary palette

We use black and white to anchor our open palettes and ensure consistency across our brand communications.

C 0
M 0
Y 0
K 100
C 0
M 0
Y 0
K 0
C 18
M 63
Y 67
K 7
C 69
M 44
Y 26
K 10

Colour specifications

Print, screen and web require different colour systems. We find CMYK easiest to work with as a starting point.

Colour specifications

Select your palette using CMYK initially and convert to RGB and Hex when required. We don’t specify Pantone colours for print use, our colours can be printed from CMYK values with litho or digital print.

Colours from images and illustration may have unusual values. These should be rounded up or down and ideally tested before use. Please see the guide below on how to manually adjust these values.

Colour specifications
Colour specifications
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