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When our logo is used alongside other logos, care must be taken to ensure proper use.

Asset co-branding

When the Landsec logo is used alongside our asset brands we apply specific rules to its application. Co-branding is optional and should be decided case by case, in consultation with the Landsec Brand Team.


The distance between the two logos is set by the width of the cornerstone used in the Landsec logo. An asset co-branding template is available as an artworked asset ready for you to use. Always use this template to ensure the correct proportions of all elements.

When the Landsec logo is used together with one of our asset brands, it should always sit to the right of the asset logo. A thin line must divide the two. The height of the Landsec logo should be set by the maximum height of the partner logo.

Asset co-branding Asset co-branding
Asset co-branding Asset co-branding
Asset co-branding with the Landsec logo, for Ebbsfleet Landsec and Nova Food Landsec

Colour example

When the Landsec logo is used alongside other asset logos, the Landsec logo must adopt one of the main colours used in the asset logo. This is one of two instances where the Landsec logo can be used in colour.

Adding colour to the Landsec logo for use with an existing asset brand should only be done by a design professional and overseen by the Landsec Brand Team.

Third party logo use

We have to distribute our logo to third parties for many different situations.

We can't always control these situations but when we can we apply these guidelines as best practice.

Colour and contrast

When the Landsec logo is used alongside partner or development logos it should only ever be used in black or white. It can be used on a coloured background providing there is sufficient contrast.


The minimum size measurement ensures the legibility of the logo. You shouldn’t use it in sizes smaller than the specified minimum shown below.

Colour and third party logos

Minimum size
10mm print
40px retina screen
20px standard screen


The Landsec logo should always be positioned centrally and sized to be visually balanced. Care must be taken so that the logotype is legible and the minimum size of 10mm maintained.

Landsec logo CBRE logo Savills logo
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